🗣🔊🔊 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY DEBATE TOURNAMENT RECAP: ‼️🐾 CONGRATULATIONS TO… 🐾‼️ In the Novice division — 🏆Partial Octo-finalists RAQUEL THREAT and MOHIB AWAN! ✨Erwin Manoj, 9th place speaker! ✨Raquel Threat, 6th place speaker! ✨Saron Regassa, 5th place speaker! In the JV division — 🏆Partial Octo-finalists AARON FERNANDEZ and HECTOR DORATT! ✨Aaron Fernandez, 10th place speaker! And last but certainly not least, in the Open division — 🏆Octo-finalists PATRICK FOX and BRETT CRYAN! Everyone put in amazing work at this tournament! Catch the UH Policy Team at our next one in two weeks! 🤩👍‼️ **last slide: rare footage of a cryptid sighting at mdw chicago airport. feel free to screenshot.