We are the University of Houston’s Speech & Debate Program. Housed in the Honors College, our goals are competitive success, campus engagement, and community building.

Directions to the squad room

The Speech & Debate office is currently located on the ground floor of Moody Towers in Suite 17.

The squad room is in the south tower: go through the breezeway after the long hallway with all the Honors College Gardens offices. Don’t be fooled by the double doors that say “This is not an entrance” (or the double doors at the bottom of the north tower that say the same thing!). The debate office door is just to the left around a column. If you get lost feel free to call us on our office phone at 713-743-5707.

(Notes: The Honors Program in the Health Professions offices are at the north end of the hall; just outside the south door is the Bonner Leaders offices. Keep going past Bonners, across the breezeway. If you don’t see any of this stuff, you might be on the 1st floor of Moody in the residence hall. Walk outside and take the stairs down to the ground floor below.)