We are the University of Houston’s Speech & Debate Program. Housed in the Honors College, our goals are competitive success, campus engagement, and community building.


Are you a current or prospective University of Houston student? Interested in joining the team? Click on the link below, or read on for a brief synopsis of what we do.


The team is open to the entire UH undergraduate community (main campus), whether or not you have experience in competitive debate. Being a part of the team means traveling with the squad to tournaments and competing against other universities. A team member goes to five tournaments a year at a minimum, and preparing to debate the year’s resolution requires regular preparation and extensive research.

We also bring debate to the campus through activities like public debates, and help make the community around us stronger by working with organizations like the Houston Urban Debate League and hosting high school tournaments like the Cougar Classic.

Current Resolution (2019-2020):

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish a national space policy substantially increasing its international space cooperation with the People’s Republic of China and/or the Russian Federation in one or more of the following areas:
• arms control of space weapons;
• exchange and management of space situational awareness information;
• joint human spaceflight for deep space exploration;
• planetary defense;
• space traffic management;
• space-based solar power.